Wheel Alignment

Autobots of Easton is proud to now offer wheel alignment services.  Proper wheel and tire alignment offers many benefits such as increased fuel economy, improvements in vehicle responsiveness and uniform tread wear as well as many others. Let our expertly trained staff review your vehicle to ensure that it is running as optimally as it can. 

Why Do I Need An Alignment

Alignment doesn’t mean just adjusting the wheels, it also involves adjustments to your vehicle’s suspension.  A proper alignment adjusts the angles in which the tires contact the road.  The benefit of even wearing of your tires is increased reliability and longevity!

Common Symptoms of Vehicles Needing Alignment Services

Below are a few of the common characteristics of a vehicle that needs an alignment:

  • Tire thread not wearing evenly
  • Vehicle drifting towards the left or the right
  • Steering wheels vibrates while driving
  • Steering wheel is turned off center even though driving straight

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How Much Does A Tire Alignment Cost?

We understand that our customers are making tough choices daily and don’t have money to waste.  To help, Autobots of Easton is offering a $29.99 wheel alignment check in which we hook your vehicle up to the alignment machine to see how your vehicle is performing. 

Based upon the results, should your vehicle require a full alignment, the $29.99 paid for the alignment check will be deducted from the cost of the alignment.  For most cars you can expect to pay approximately $109.99.

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