Timing Belt Replacement

When it comes to timing belt replacement, Autobots of Easton stands out as your top choice. Our team comprises dedicated professionals with extensive experience, committed to delivering the highest standard of customer care and top-quality service and repairs.

When To Replace Timing Belt or Chain?

At some point in your vehicle's lifespan, the timing belt will need replacement. Typically, this occurs around the 100,000-mile mark for most vehicles. While some cars may utilize timing chains instead of belts, they too can stretch or break, potentially leading to noise issues. Consulting your car's owner's manual will provide clarity on when your timing belt requires replacement. It's crucial to address this before it escalates into a major problem. Many vehicles rely on intricate internal systems that must operate in perfect harmony. If the timing belt fails, it can swiftly damage internal engine components and disrupt this synchronization without warning.

While You’re At It…

When you opt for a timing belt replacement, it's essential to consider another crucial component driven by this belt: the water pump. We strongly recommend replacing the water pump simultaneously with the timing belt. In fact, these replacements often occur together because the procedure for replacing the water pump is nearly identical to that of the timing belt. While this practice may not be universal across all vehicle makes, it applies to most.

At Autobots of Easton, our certified technicians boast years of experience in replacing timing belts, timing chains, and water pumps. If your vehicle requires a new timing belt, water pump, or timing chain, don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone or schedule an appointment online.

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