Steering and Suspension Repair and Services

When you're out on the road, your vehicle's steering and suspension system play a crucial role in maintaining control. These components bear the weight of your vehicle and contribute to a safe and smooth ride by keeping your tires firmly on the road.

Regular inspection of your steering and suspension system is essential, ideally at least once a year or more depending on your driving conditions. If you detect any early warning signs of issues with your steering or suspension, it's crucial to visit Autobots of Easton promptly. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and repair any problems efficiently, ensuring your safety on the road. Ignoring these issues could pose serious safety risks down the line.

Common warning signs that indicate you need to have your steering and suspension system inspected by our technicians include:

  • Tires shake or wander
  • Problems while driving on uneven roadways or dips
  • Having difficulties when steering
  • Steering seems to be slipping
  • Vehicle is still bouncing after going over a bump
  • Pulling to the side

Our certified technicians can examine all of your steering and suspension components in order to make sure that your steering and shocks are operating properly, and will also inspect:

  • Uneven wear or tires
  • Alignment issues
  • Power steering fluid
  • Steering wheel alignment
  • Out of balance tires
  • Impacts or Struts
  • Tightness of bolts and nuts
  • Used or loose power steering belts

Our expert technicians at Autobots will also inspect your wheel balance and tire to see whether the problems are tire-related or not.

Visit Autobots of Easton at 26 S. Apple Street, where our team of skilled technicians is ready to handle all your steering and suspension repair needs. Contact us today or book an appointment online for your next steering and suspension repair and wheel alignment service.

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